Cupcakes for you coconut cupcake, vanilla cupcake, strawberry cupcake, chocolate cupcake

Cupcakes are quite easy to prepare, they are very easy to have tasted, look also very sweet that tastes even wonderful and can be decorated very artistically to match each and every theme of the event. In fact it now becomes so much popular among the common people due to its wonderful taste and truly innovative design.

Cupcakes have been there all around the people for a long time, though now it has reappeared in the world now. This can be owing to the fact that they are very much simple to make, appeal to people of every age and also can be decorated in several ways that can make them highly versatile.

Cupcakes can make a great sweet treat as the alternative to the conventional dessert as cakes or chocolates. There are multiple options to go in flavor like coconut, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate in order to enjoy strawberry cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, coconut cupcakes. They can also work really better when it is served as some special events as the huge parties like birthday cakes, birthday cupcakes or celebration cake. It’s simple to plan how many to make, something that is far critical with the cakes.


2 large Eggs, 1 cup milk,
2 spoons butter, essence (coconut, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate)
Salt and 1 Cup sugar, 2 Cups white flour
Mixed everything and bake for 40 min.



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