How to make Yogurt Parfait Best Healthy Breakfast Parfait with Healthy Granola

The French word for perfect is parfait, and when you add whole grains and fruit to yogurt to create a delicious breakfast parfait or snack treat, you are perfecting yogurt’s already considerable health benefits. Typically, a yogurt parfait is easy breakfast nutricious which consists of layers of yogurt, grains such as granola or crushed gram crackers and fruit is a nutricious most important meal for everyday health.

It is a well-documented fact that people who eat curd before or after their meals lose more weight that people who don’t. This is because calcium in yogurt prevents fat cells in your body from pumping more cortisol (hormonal imbalance of cortisol is responsible for cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, etc.)
Pair the crunchy texture of granola’s nuts and grains with creamy low-fat yogurt. People often enjoy this combination as a quick and healthy breakfast option or even as a layered, parfait-like dessert. Both yogurt and granola may also offer you several potential health benefits.

Enjoy your healthy granola i.e. granola snack protein with dairy nuts. You can add honey to make is honey granola breakfast parfait. You have options to add berry or starwberry to get the blessings of strawberry dessert recipes or a homemade berry parfait recipe.



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